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August 31st, 2011

My most valued lesson from my childhood was to always be honest. there are many times where I got out of situations or made them a lot better by just being straight up and honest with the other parties involved.

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What was the biggest lesson learned from your adolescence?
so here's where i'm going to start..my cousin and I finally made up.. he finally realized that he was acting very unlike himself and that is why things panned out the way they did. he also realized that i gave his girl friends more chances than i've ever given anyone else. so she should actually feel honored. him and i are on good terms again... i could go into a lot more detail but i've already explained the story so many times.i cant do it again. lol Justin and I have been fighting a lot lately but we finally resolved all of it. so things are wonderful again:] I am hopefully spending the night with him friday and then like all day saturday with him. time will tell though. he has a foot ball game saturday morning and then instead of going racing he wants me to go to the soccer game with him saturday. which does sound nice. and finally the big one..i move into college sunday. it's crazy to think. i am like the only one left home. it sucks! but, ive had a lot to do anyway!! idk im gonna try to get some sleep..i guess i'll explain more tomorrow.. i gotta actually get into blogging!!!

October 20th, 2010

Today was a day that everyone was supposed to wear purple to raise awareness of bullying. 6 kids have killed themselves within the last few years all over bullying. Some of them gay and some of them not. But the thing is, it shouldn't matter. Love is love no matter what. Weather you find love within the same sex or the opposite sex, if it's true love then support it. You do not have to be gay to support gayness but, you also do not have to support it at all. But, if you do not support it you should simply leave those who are for it alone. That is their lives and their choices.Bullying is no way of life that any person should live and no person should have to be the victim of bullying. I remember when I was little I was bullied one time and I will never forget the words that girl said to me. Even now, 10 years later, I remember what she said. Those hurtful words will stick with a person. And when one person is attacked by numerous people or even one person who is very consistent, the pain builds up. Kids seem to think the only escape from this is to take their own lives. But the thing is, there is no reason to have ever bullied those kids in the first place. What was so wrong with them? They didn't wear the same clothes as you, they weigh a little more, or oh my they like a person of the same sex. O WELL! Those people all deserve the same chance, they all deserve their chance to shine and when they are bullied and put down they are being taught that they have nothing to be proud of and that is not okay. Marilyn Monroe once said, "all girls should be told they're beautiful" this is true but for men and women. Every person was given life for a reason and no one deserves to be hurt the way kids are being hurt by the bullying...how would you feel if you were on the reciving end of the bullying, the young kid deciding to take their life or the family of the parent who did... I bet that would change your life. So, why don't we step up and change the lives of children before they no longer have life? 

October 19th, 2010

Embrace life


So I just facebooked that constantly we find ourselves wishing for things back. Things such as people or the way things once were. But, everything happens for a reason and weather we realize that now or later we will continue to grow. We must embrace life. I find myself laying in bed prior to posting this wishing my life was how it used to be... But, I know I truly don't want that because ere is the thing, I have become a different person because of what has happened in my life. So we must look on the positive side although most of the time it's insanely hard.

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October 17th, 2010



So, over the summer I met this extreamly hot guy at the race track. I didn't say anything and just continued with my duties for weeks, just looking at him..until one night I decided it was time. We exchanged numbers and then started talking from there. We became good friends. He ended up with a girl friend and now they are finally like apart so i'm hoping I will get a chance. Tomorrow his school is playing my school in soccer and since he plays after practice I am going up to the game. :] <3 I can't wait to see him! What's ment to be will be but, we're both great people and I think we would work great together....plus...he's hot as all helllllll:] haha. well, gotta do the nightly routine and get to bed. love you.

October 16th, 2010

Measure your life in love


Just hanging out until it's time for my senior recognition game. I can't believe this year it's my turn to walk across that field, have my writting read out loud and hand my mom that flower. It's pretty crazy that i've done my time as a high schooler. I got accepted into my top choice college which was Hilbert College. It's a private school outside of Buffalo. I'm pretty excited. I have a college visit. People think i'm crazy because I have decided there already even though I have not visited yet. I have just done my research and unless when I get there I have terrible vibes, I know that's it. Well, I need to find my medicine because i'm getting emotional enough. Peace. Love. Happiness<3

September 30th, 2010

What a days


So I trip this morning and bash my head on my dresser.. Put some hot packs on it and go to school. Get to school, go to the nurse. And get sent home. I decide going to the shop will be best without really thinking about Joe being there. Joe and I are no longer friends because I finally told his fiancée that he was cheating on him.. So now I'm just laying on the couch in the office. Things are weird but he won't say anything since he works for my dad. Hang down is down here talkin with me and he told me just to ignore it and things will get better eventually. Well luckily we did not have practice today so this will not count against me and I can still cheer tomorrow... Well, I think im gonna head home so I can sleep and clean my room... No more tripping for me!!!

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January 18th, 2010

Love. Life. Live


well, i haven't been on in almost a year. I'm watching the notebook now, its amazing. Its me and rich. deffiently. Things got really rough between us when he found out i lied about some shit. im glad i told him the truth and we couldn't move on from it for a while, but we had one more real bad blow up after new years and now, we are so amazing, were better now than we were before i swear! I can't help but smile these days and he is the same way, the thought of going through another week without seeing him is killing me right now b/c i haven't seen him in over a month b/c my christmas present didnt come in so he was avoiding me, and then we had our blow up after new years. but, like i said, everything is so amazing right now i couldn't ask for anything more. no matter who doesn't want to see me with him it just doesnt matter to me anymore. If they dont want to see me happy why should i like to see them happy? all i do is support other people and if they can't support me too then, maybe they shouldn't be around. but as for rich, he does support me and he loves me very much. <3 well, i'm going to finish this movie and tell my baby good night, and pray for another amazing tomorrow.

Yours truely,
Amber Nicole Leonard/Neff(doesn't that sound so nice?)

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